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Alex Huang, survivant du cancer de la vessie, raconte son histoire

It scared the hell out of me:
Surviving bladder cancer


Binbrook resident and bladder cancer survivor Alex Huang is Bladder Cancer Canada’s ambassador for Greater Hamilton and area. – Tamara Botting , Metroland

It was a beautiful day at Bayfront Park eight years ago when Alex Huang crossed the finish line.

Huang, a Binbrook resident, had just finished running in a race that his friend and neighbour had organized to raise funds for the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice when he “had a tremendous urge to go pee.”

When he did, his urine was deep red.

“It scared the hell out of me,” he said.

He immediately called his doctor’s office and explained what had happened to the reception nurse.

“She said ‘Can you come in tomorrow?’ I’d never gotten in for an appointment so fast.”

His doctor referred him to a urologist, who took some samples. About two weeks later, Huang got a call telling him to come in and discuss the results.

“Up until the day of the appointment, I never believed it could be cancer. I thought I had an infection of some sort,” Huang said.

“I remember the first words out of (the doctor’s) mouth; everything else was a blur.”

The good news was, the cancer had been caught early and was still on the lining of his bladder, not into the muscle tissue.

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